Below are a few of the clients and projects with which I've had the privilege of working recently. I've indicated my main role in each project (upon mouse rollover or mobile touch gesture), and though I served as sole developer for a few, I was usually part of a larger team of designers and developers (particularly those of Tierra Innovation Inc.). The titles provide links to the original work (or additional information) when available.
  • Video players and featured content areas.
    Flash/Actionscript, JavaScript, XML, JSON, jQuery
  • iPhone/Android apps, Flash Walking Tours and Web site components
    Xcode, Obj-C, Cocoa, PHP, MySQL, SQLite, HTML5, JavaScript, XML, Java, Eclipse IDE, Flash/AS3, CSS, etc
  • Enhancements and maintenance of existing Flash-based site
    Flash/ActionScript, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML
  • Sitewide UI implementation
    Flash/ActionScript, JavaScript, PHP, XML, JSON, jQuery
  • Plugin to manage high-traffic sweepstakes
    PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, XML, WordPress, various social networking APIs
  • Sitewide "hotspot" functionality module with Google mapping and mobile gateway
    Flash/ActionScript, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, WordPress
  • IBM Design & Information Development
    Web and standalone presentations for sales, training and e-Learning modules
    Flash/ActionScript, HTML, Zinc, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere
  • iPhone and Android apps
    Xcode, Objective-C, Cocoa, PHP, MySQL, SQLite3, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript
  • Featured-content and full back-end system to integrate video, images and text in WordPress CMS system. Flash/ActionScript, CSS, XML, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, etc.
  • Affiliate site promos, video players and news tickers Flash/ActionScript, JavaScript, XML, JSON, jQuery
  • Video player & featured content promo Flash/ActionScript, Javascript, PHP, XML, JSON, jQuery
  • Interactive map for site category navigation
    Flash/ActionScript, XML, JavaScript, WordPress
  • Flash teaser and AJAX Question/Answer module
    Flash/ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • iPhone app
    Objective-C, Cocoa APIs, xCode, etc.